Thursday, 19 March 2009

Vice Chancellor Brian Roper of London Metropolitan University resigns with immediate effect.

It has now been confirmed that Brian Roper, the Vice Chancellor of London's biggest University has given in to the pressure from students and members of staff alike and resigns with immediate effect.

Press Release on Brian Ropers Resignation

19 March 2009

London Metropolitan University is sorry to announce that Brian Roper, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, has decided to leave the University to take up the opportunity of early retirement and to pursue other interests. Brian has made a significant contribution to the University and on behalf of the Board of Governors, the University would like to pay tribute to his energy and determination in delivering the University’s mission and to thank him for his support and efforts in his time here.

Although Brian will not be leaving the University until the end of December 2009, he has stepped down from the role of Vice Chancellor with immediate effect. London Metropolitan University will communicate details of Brian’s successor in due course. London Metropolitan University wishes Brian well in his future endeavours.

Statement from the UCU Coordinating committe in regards to the news of Brian Ropers resignation:

London Met UCU and London Met UNISON note Brian Roper’s resignation as Vice Chancellor of London Metropolitan University. However, we regret that no one has yet taken formal responsibility for the current financial difficulties of the university.

UNISON and UCU further note the intention to announce a successor as Vice Chancellor. We presume that any immediate appointment would be made on a temporary basis pending external advertisement.

We hope that this will be the first step in a process towards creating a more collegial university environment in which management and staff are able to engage in meaningful dialogue about the operation of the institution. We call, therefore, on London Met management to suspend all current proposals with regard to the finances of the university, including all threats of redundancies. We invite them to enter a process of genuine, collective discussion with staff and students in order to devise a recovery plan for London Met that has a real chance of success.

Both unions look forward to engaging in constructive dialogue with HEFCE and with representatives of the London Met Board of Governors concerning the future of the university and its mission.

We have an open meeting tomorrow at North Campus: 1-2.30 pm Graduate Centre, GC1-08. Please tell colleagues and students: all are welcome.

Best wishes,

UCU Co-ordinating Committee

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