Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Unions address the imbalance in accountability by inviting the Chair of LMU's Board of Governors to fill in his own Redundancy Selection form.

Students and staff lobbied the Chair of London Met University's Board of Governors the 2nd of July, to protest against the job cuts. The protest was aimed at Peter Anwyl, Director of International Student House, who has consistently refused to meet or talk to the unions.

London Met Board of Governors approved the plan to make 550 redundancies in June, refusing to consider union proposals to ease the damage done to the staff at London Met.
Members of staff at London Metropolitan has received a Redundancy Selection form they have to fill out as part of the plan to make 550 Full Time redundancies.
The Unions addressed this extreme imbalance in accountability by inviting Peter Anwyl to complete his own Redundancy Selection form:

Submission of Supporting Information by Governors

(Insert additional rows where necessary)


Role on board (if any)


List all your current qualifications (include Academic and
Professional Qualifications). Please do not include honorary awards, knighthoods, OBEs, etc.


Where attained

Year attained


Review the University's Mission Statement and list the activities you currently carry out which
contribute to meeting them, and indicate frequency (Regular “ Frequent “ Occasional or Never).


How utilised in current role

R / F / O / N

Providing and sustaining high standards of educational provision and knowledge transfer

Achievement and maintenance of externally-benchmarked
excellence across the range of the University's various activities

Investing in staff and students so that the University's commitments can be delivered sustainably (NB: providing
redundancy payments will not be accepted as investment)

Devising robust ways of identifying and enhancing the University's 'value-added' contribution in terms of economic, social and
educational impact on individuals and on its wider communities, in particular in the context of its commitment to equality of opportunity and to combating social injustice (promoting your own career will not be accepted as evidence for this)

Offering educational opportunities to all who can benefit, to fair access, and to
ensuring the best possible educational and social experience for students and the best attainable outcomes for their efforts.

Rigorous analysis of the quality and standards of academic and
service provision, and of general academic performance, benchmarked against available national and international performance

Developing modern corporate
systems and arrangements for quality and standards management which will engender confidence in external stakeholders (NB: evidence for this will be required, please attach all relevant correspondence with HEFCE).

A commitment to continuous growth, refreshment and innovation in the academic portfolio,
within known resource constraints, and on a prune-to-grow basis (please also provide a translation of this into English)

Commitment to the professional development of its staff, in the
pursuit of the above academic agendas, and to implementing appropriate reward and recognition schemes

Review the code of practice for Governors and indicate what you have done of relevance and the
extent to which you consider that you have met each of the criteria (Fully “ Basically “ Not in the slightest “ Prefer not to say on legal advice)


Relevant actions

F / B / N / P

Observe the highest standards of corporate governance, integrity
and objectivity in the transaction of all its business and particularly in the management of funds

Wherever possible follow a policy of openness and transparency

Be accountable for the activities of the organisation and for the
stewardship of public funds

Accept collective
responsibility for Board decisions

Reflect and
promote the values and mission of the institution in the community


List the average number hours per month you have spent in the current academic year
(2008/9) discussing the University's current problems with the following groups:


Average number of hours


Prospective students

Academic staff (That's the people who do the teaching)

PSD staff (That's
Professional Service Department Staff the people who do the rest of the work)

Trade union representatives

Community representatives

Political representatives

Civil servants from HEFCE or DIUS


Total (if more than zero)

4. List any executive, administrative, campaigning or developmental activities that you have carried out over the last two academic years (2006/07 and 2007/08), which could contribute to the prevention of cuts and redundancies. We have given some examples but of course the list is not exhaustive.

of legal challenge against HEFCE's requirement for refund

of alternatives to outsourcing services

Applying for emergency funding

Engagement in consultation with staff and unions

Deployment of funds from reserves

Other (please specify):

None of the above

5. Conduct of role

Taking into account your responses to the above questions, please indicate which of the following most accurately describes your role (tick as many as apply):

I have diligently carried out the role of governor in the
interests of the staff, students, wider community and funding authorities

I have acted as a rubber stamp for decisions put in front of me by the University's executive

I wanted to have some role of responsibility to put on my CV and never expected to account for decisions

I was only obeying orders

I should resign immediately



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