Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Students meets with the management the 13th of May...just to be issued a court order the very next day.

On the 13th of May, the University management accepted to meet the students for talks. The student representatives who attended, had been given assurances during the meeting that their voices and concern in regards to course closures, and job cuts would be heard.
However, the meeting appeared to have taken place only as an attempt to stop the students from occupying parts of the University as the management issued a court order to end the occupation of the building already the next day.

In an official note, the students reactions were as follows:

"At 4pm today (14th of May 2009) management issued us with a court order to end the occupation of the building. Since we are trying as hard as possible to work with the management cooperatively and constructively (something that they have not been doing with us), we had to vacate the premises. Paul Lister told us face-to-face yesterday that they would begin court proceedings on Saturday if we were not out then, so clearly he was lying to us.

This is by no means a defeat- if anything it adds more fuel to our fire, and just goes to show even more that our management are incompetent, lying, untrustworthy bullies who are not fit to be entrusted with the future of our university.

This action has ignited rage in the university's members of staff and in the unions (UCU and UNISON), not to mention the students. As far as we are concerned, we knew that it was only a matter of time before we were issued a court order, but what surprised us is the fact that we were lied to about when it would occur. It has done nothing but strengthen our campaign.

The campaign is continuing valiantly and with great strength. We met today at the Houses of Parliament with George Galloway (City Campus MP) and Jeremy Corbyn (North Campus MP) who told us that they have no confidence whatsoever in the university management and that they supported our campaign 100%, promising us that they will take an active role in campaigning with us, and are currently pushing to help London Met in Parliament and with other MP's."

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