Monday, 14 December 2009

Melville and the uncensored version of the Deloitte report published on Wikileaks.

The Sir David Melville report looks into the causes of the 36M pounds over funding of the London Met University and the subsequent "claw-back" of that money, which resulted in hundreds of job losses for the front-line staff. Allegedly, this was due to fraudulent accounting of student numbers—this report into the fiasco lays the blame squarely on the Board of Governors of London Met University for not keeping in check the 'dictatorial' Executive Group. According to our source, subsequently, the funding body HEFCE have asked for them to resign.

Our source has disclosed the document because the "Governors and the Exec Group are 'sitting on the report', not publishing, and attempting to spin 'we've already made changes', and 'lessons have been learned', yet nothing has changed."

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